Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Zoning & Permit Woes

I'm having quite the time in my attempts to get my business permit through my township.  I was denied on the assumed basis that my manufacturing processes would create excess "noise, vibration, glare, fumes, odors, or electrical interference; added traffic or solid waste greater than the use for residential purposes".  Clearly, and without investigating BEFORE denying my application, my local L&I does not know the meaning of all-natural and hand-crafted.  After explaining to the L&I director that my manufacturing processes produce none of the above, he stated that it was not up to him to decided if my manufacturing produces said excess or not.  It would be up to the zoning board to decided, and for me to get to that point I would have to fill out an application for a zoning variance, which includes a $700 non-refundable application fee with no guarantee of approval.  After posting about my frustrations on Etsy the thread has become 13 pages long: VIEW IT HERE 

I was lucky to catch the eye of a fellow Etsian and writer for The Daily Dot internet newspaper.  She was kind enough to email me for more info on the situation, and even contact my local L&I department.  She then published THIS ARTICLE on April 13.

I have since written letters to my district's councilman, the mayor, the committee chairperson for zoning and business, and my state representative, who has her office 1 mile from my home.  I've met all of them at local town hall meetings, and at the bar/restaurant where I work part time.  I heard back from the mayor yesterday that he would look into this and call me.  I'm hoping with fingers crossed that I may continue to do business in my town, and not be punished by trying to do the right thing.  Wish me luck!

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