Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Banner Arrives

I ordered a large 6 x 2' banner to hang up at the back of my tent while vending. I used Vistaprint, and was happy that I could customize it. They give you a template to use on various photo editing software (I used Photoshop). After some add-ons (thicker vinyl for outdoor use, etc.) the total with shipping was about $41. As was advertised, it took exactly 2 weeks to arrive. I'm pretty happy with it, except that it doesn't come with grommets already installed. I had looked all over Vistaprint to find out if it did or not. Though you can order plastic attachments for an added fee that eliminate the need for grommets, I figured if it didn't come with them I could easily add them. I'll stop by Michael's later to pick some up; I think the ones I have in my sewing bin are way too small. This was the image I submitted. The actual banner came out with the background color being a pale, muted pastel green, but I actually like it better!

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