Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wicked Faire 2013

It's Official!  I will be vending at the 2013 Wicked Faire: The Revenge Of The Renaissance Faire.  It will be held on Feb. 15-17 in Somerset, NJ in TWO hotels – now with a unique, interactive Time Traveler’s Resort & Museum – a delight for Steampunks AND for every Rennie, Geek, Goth, Pagan, or otherwise unique individual!.  You can find info about the event as well as tickets and places to stay on their website and Facebook.  Here's a shot of me from this year's Steampunk Worlds Fair - I'm hoping I won't need the giant parasol in February...

I will be vending with my friend Linda of Antonette's Masks.  She handcrafts beautiful and intricate masquerade style masks.  Just have a look at the photos of her fine work on her facebook page!

See you in February!

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