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Today I found a really great website called  Essentially it is an online wishlist, to which you can add items from Etsy and anywhere else on the net!  Stores (including Etsy shops) can submit their website & products to Giftery to make them available to be added to people's wishlists.  It's super simple to do too!  Creat as many wishlists as you like, for any occasion.  You may download a button for your toolbar that allows you to instantly add any item on the web to your Giftery wishlist:

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Here is the Giftery story, from their About page:
We all know that feeling: The surprise of seeing a box wrapped up with your name on it -- the anticipation from whoever gave it to you as you open it -- the excitement of tearing the paper off to see what's inside. Gifts can be as much about the experience as the actual item.

And gifts should fun to to give too but then you think about the searching, the driving around, the endless debate on what's right and the potential disappointment if the gift misses the mark... Gifts can be a real pain, too.

For years we joked about the bad gifts we got [and gave], obsessing over how to make things different... better -- and that lead us too

Our aim is simple: to help you get or give the perfect gift no matter what you want. We do that with our universal wishlists which let you express exactly what you want; anything from any store from a product to a service, headphones to clothes to vacations. And for gift givers we make it easy to pick a gift they'll truly want connecting you right to the store for easy, and if you like, anonymous gift giving. turned the lights on in November of 2011, and, like most startups, we're still polishing things up. Check back for more information on our ever-expanding team, super helpful advisors and press information.

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