Tuesday, September 18, 2012

HipCityVeg's Crispy Hipcity Ranch, Philadelphia

I'm one of those annoying people that always posts pictures of what I am eating on Facebook.  Well guess what?  I will now post them here!   Expect to see vegetarian & vegan recipes, grocery items, cocktails, desserts, and wonderful restaurant choices. 

Let's start with my latest obsession: HipCityVeg, located at 127 S. 18th St. (at Walnut) Philadelphia, PA 19103.  Everything they make is 100% plant based, right down to the straws & compostable wrapping. Here you will find my absolute favorite menu item, the Crispy HipCity Ranch!

It is a "chik'n" sandwich with lettuce, pickles, tomoato, onion, a fresh & fluffy bun, and a peppercorn ranch dressing.  Did I mention it's huge?  I used to get their sweet potato fries with this, but I just couldn't finish it all.  I've instead taken to ordering a Green Lemonade (freshly made lemonade with added kale juice...don't worry, you don't taste the kale) 

For all you skeptics out there, this sandwich proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that vegan can equal delicous!

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