Saturday, October 5, 2013

Halloween Shows from my Childhood

I've always had a fantastic sense of nostalgia.  I was a child in the 80s, but I watched much older cartoons & movies too.  I can thank my mom taping them off the TV, when TV was still good.  I have entire VHS tapes dedicated to taped off the TV Halloween specials.  Lucky for me, I found a lot of them on YouTube, in a lot better condition than those poor old tapes.  Some you may never heard of, some are classics.  Some of these are Old School, rare or unavailable on DVD.    Other more popular videos, like the Disney ones, can be bought on DVD I'm sure.  Here they are in no particular order:

Disney's Trick or Treat - 1952 Staring Donald Duck, and his nephews Huey, Duey, & Luey

Disney's Lonesome Ghosts - 1937, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, & Goofy as the original ghost hunters

Disney's Halloween Treat - 1982, A collection of Disney's spookiest cartoon moments, hosted by a talking pumpkin

The Pumpkin that Couldn't Smile - 1979, Starring Raggedy Ann & Andy, and a manic depressive pumpkin (don't worry, it has a happy ending, ha)

The Halloween that Almost Wasn't - A 1979 ABC special with Judd Hirsch as Dracula, super hokey & awesome, also sold under the title "The Night Dracula Saved the World"

Disney's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow - The 1949 Classic, narrated by Bing Crosby (swoon!)

Witch's Night Out - A Trippy 1978 cartoon originally aired on Canadian TV, with colorful, boobalicious characters with adjective names

Halloween is Grinch Night - 1977, This one freaked me out as a kid, but I always watched it anyway

Disney's Haunted Halloween - 1984, An educational cartoon also hosted by a talking pumpkin & Goofy on the history of Halloween. Of course, Disney Halloween cartoons are highlighted too

Disney/Silly Symphony's The Skeleton Dance - The 1929 graveyard classic

The Worst Witch - 1986, staring Fairuza Balk (before The Craft ha) & Tim Curry in one of his best lyrical performances, "Anything Can Happen on Halloween".  This one is quintessentially 80s the the best/worst way, including the songs.  This was what we loved before Harry Potter.

Disney's Mr. Boogedy - 1986, This is a rare one, a creepy tale with John Astin (the original Gomez Addams) of a  family that moves to Lucifer Falls. I miss the days when Disney had a dark side...  Also included in this link is the sequel, Bride of Boogedy.  You'll recognize Kristy Swanson, pre-Buffy.

I tried to find "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" (1966), but the full movie is no where to be found on YouTube.  I have it on my computer in its entire, director's cut form.  So, here instead is my favorite part of the show, Sally's Rant

Being huge fans of The Simpsons, the annual Treehouse of Horror episodes were never missed in my house.  You can find clips, but not full episodes on YouTube because of copywrite laws. The first Treehouse of Horror aired in 1990 and they've been going strong since.  SPOILER ALERT: Here is the opening for this years Treehouse of Horror (by Guillermo del Toro) airing on Fox this Sunday

Here is a YouTube playlist of other Vintage Halloween Cartoons
Just for fun, here is a YouTube playlist of Vintage Halloween Commercials 

I hope you enjoy these Halloween classics!!  In December I will post something similar on vintage Christmas cartoons & specials.


  1. These are awesome!!! So many I remember watching growing up and with my own children. Thanks for the fun memories!! Visiting from Blogging Buddies on Etsy~Cindy

  2. I absolutely love It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! I got my son a book version of it with sound effects and we watch it each year. Have to admit the Sleepy Hollow movie scared me to death as a young kid.