Friday, October 18, 2013

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

OK so who else read these at sleepovers and got so scare they had to call their mom to take them home?  Or perhaps suffered the same summer camp insomnia I did in the super dark, super spooky NJ Pine Barrens?   I can't be the only one... right?

Anyway, I still have the boxed set of the 3 books from the early 90s and they still scare the crap out of me.  Each story is taken from the scary folklore of countries around the world.  The illustrator Stephen Gammell is the one that made this whole series so creeptastic!  The black & white gorey, frightening, and highly detailed drawings are taken from each terrifying tale... I still see them in my nightmares!  These ones freaked me out the most:
Can you imagine this thing poking you from 1000 ft in the air?

I was always afraid I'd wake up and see this over my bed... I slept under the covers.

Yea, this just made me look over my shoulder as I posted it ::shudder::

The things in the trees always freaked me out.

A fun collage

 I found the audio books for all three volumes on YouTube, ready by a man with a lovely English accent:
Here is the complete Audio Book on YouTube

Here is the complete Audio Book on YouTube

Here is the complete Audio Book on YouTube
T-Shirt Vortex has these pics of scary Stories T-Shirts.  Apparently used to carry them but stopped.  I wasn't able to find them anywhere else.  SOMEONE MAKE MORE OF THESE!!  If you know where they can be purchased please leave the link in the comments.
So, they actually changed the illustrations in newly released copies of the book.  What were they thinking?  Here are some original vs. new illustrations (sigh), unbelievable:
Sleep tight!!  Bwah ha ha ha!

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